Gauri and I are not smart: SRK


Shah Rukh Khan is always seen speaking about his films and projects, however he churns out some intimate details about his family and children in a recent interview.

SRK reveals his life with Gauri became extraordinary when their children came into their life. He says, “Can you believe Gauri and I have been together for 24 years now? We have been together for almost a quarter of a century. We got married in 1991, so it’s been 17 years of marriage now. There seemed nothing extraordinary about our life or marriage, till the children came along.”

SRK adds, “We still look at Aryan and Suhana and we wonder how we managed to produce them. As you must have noticed Aryan looks just like Gauri and Suhana looks like me. So it is

as if we have managed to produce clones of ourselves. Gauri and I are not very smart people though. I perhaps can’t even make a paper plane properly. Yet we have come together to make these extraordinary, special children. Here they are growing up so fast and yet we feel that we are still the same people when we had met. We believe that we will stay young forever.” — Agencies