Get together with loved ones this Dashain

Many of us celebrate Dashain by killing an enormous number of animals in the name of religion. I am totally against this. I cannot understand why we carry on with this barbarous act. I request all to stop this and celebrate Dashain by saying no to mass killing of animals as I feel it is not Dashain but a big dasha (curse) for these animals.

— Tsulzang Bajraacharya, Pharping

Many people from the villages work in the urban areas, while many Nepalis work abroad. They cannot go home every other month. So they wait for Bada Dashain to come home and celebrate with their families. Dashain is a time for families to get together and enjoy. As for me, my grandparents live in Chitwan. We go to their place to put tika. For me Dashain means all of us children going to a garden for picnic, buying new dresses, and flying kites.

— Sampurna Basnet, Class V, RBS

Dashain is the festival that promotes friendly relationship between family members. Relatives get together and celebrate it with joy. My ideal Dashian was one in which all my relatives got together and gambled the entire night. No one cared about the time and when we finished, it was 4:00 am.

— Rabindra Pandey

My ideal Dashain is celebrating it in a simple manner. Extravagance should be avoided as it sends the wrong message that Dashain is a festival meant for the rich only. We could donate the money that we spend on gambling and drinking to the poor. I remember the Dashains that I celebrated with my family during childhood. My parents and grandparents’ blessing and their selfless, sincere and unconditional love were enough to make Dashain great.

— Ambika Pandey, Chitawan

Though we weren’t allowed to drink, playing

cards with cousins was

great fun. Dashain was

also funny because we

would go to places

we’ve never been before,

and meet people, who

would stare at us and

keep on saying about how big we’ve grown. They would insist that we come and

visit them often, but no

body cared. Usually fake smiles and greetings accompanied these meetings. This year however I do not feel essence of Dashain. After the loss of 24 people, I do not have the heart to mingle and party.

— Vicky

Dashain is a time that is meant to be spent with families. Most of us are busy throughout the year with our own busy schedules, so during Dashain we get to spend time with our relatives and get to know what’s happening in their lives.

— Ishani Pandey, Koteswor

Dashain is a time for families to get together and wish for one another’s happiness, wealth, health for the year to come.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Kunpondole

On Vijaya Dashami, I used to visit the homes of relatives and neighbours with my friends for tika. We used to usually be around eight children in number so busy with our way of observing Dashain that we would sometimes even forget to home till late in the evening. I remember once when we were returning home at around 7:30 pm. We were talking about a ghost that calls out the person’s name who is walking by the kuwa (pond). So we were silent when we neared the pond. Then ahead we saw lanterns and torches coming towards us and a voice called out, “Nani...” We all nearly fainted as we thought it was the ghost calling one of us. But it was only our grandparents and parents coming to fetch us.

— Koshee Thapa,

SM college

For me Dashain is a long holiday, a break from my hectic schedule. It’s the time for me to meet my cousins and other near and dear ones whom I hardly get chance to meet otherwise. Dashain is also the time to deck up in my best attire and look my best! It is an occasion to celebrate with my family. It’s the best time of the year.

— Shama Parvate

Dashain of 1991 was my ideal one. I was in Class X student preparing for my test. However, the day before Fulpati there was a fire in the flat I rented. Not only my cassette player and discs but many books were burnt. Moreover the landlady was so angry she nearly thrashed us blaming me for attempting to turn the house into ashes. Then work like a robot cleaning and painting before going to the village for tika.

— Eak Prasad Duwadi, KUHS

For me an ideal Dashain means the time when we forget all pressures of our work and studies and have fun with our family. It is of big importance because I am mostly away from home town because of my father’s work. So, it is a time for me to get together with the other members of my family.

— Amish Ratna Sthapit, Hetauda

An ideal Dashain for me would be when the entire family is able to enjoy each other’s company. The young ones in the family should be given surprise gifts.

— Suresh Yadav

Flying kites is one of my personal favourite aspects of Dashain. I will probably buy some new strings and lattai and spend my Dashain flying kites, which is great fun.

— Karma Ghale, Kopan