Getting together


Alumni from different universities in Australia gathered at the Australian Embassy on June 28, to get to know other former students and share their views on interesting stuff like Australian food, wine, education and sports. The establishment of an Alumni association was welcomed by all with much enthusiasm.

Dr Ramhari Aryal talked about the association providing information about education and life in general to students wishing to go to Australia. And the association would also keep in contact with people who have returned and know how they are contributing to the country.

Australian ambassador Graeme Lade discussed how such an association would promote friendship between the two nations and help bridge the cultural differences. "This is just the start of the beginning and wish to see more," he added.

Dr Ramsharan Pathak encouraged everyone to join in and register their names in the association. Arjun Bhandari elaborated on the famous Australian wines, while Srijana Singh gave a slight insight into the tasty and delicious Australian cuisines, and Biwek Thapa covered the other important aspect — sports.

To make the afternoon entertaining and informative, group and individual quizzes were also held. The true flavour of Australian music was given by Salil Kanika playing the digeridoo.