Ghajini to be made in Nepali:To be renamed Ghajendra; Puri to direct


Last year the movie goers felt for Sanjay and Kalpana and cried for revenge on Ghajini, the villain. This year too, movie goers can feel for Sanjay and Kalpana, however, they can cry for revenge on Ghajendra, the paapi. That’s right Ghajendra, because Bollywood’s super-duper action blockbuster of 2008 Ghajini is to be remade in Nepali. And it is to be renamed Ghajendra.

The same house that produced Ghajini, Geetha Arts will be producing Ghajendra, but it

will be directed by none other than our own Narayan Puri.

“I am really excited about it,” says Puri. “I hadn’t ever imagined that I would be picked for such a huge undertaking. Imagine trying to match up to what Aamir Khan and AR Murugdoss have done? It’s unbelievable and in a way very scary too.”

But he adds, “I have faith in myself and will do my best.”

Puri’s last release was Alpabiram, a reality-based movie about a Maoist cadre and an armyman, both wounded and who take shelter in a deserted house in the middle of a forest.

The film will be named Ghajendra in the Nepali version as the director feels that it is a name that the “majority of Nepalis will relate to more easily”.

So, will Ghajendra have any Puri-twists to it?

“That’s for me to give, and for you all to go and watch. For the moment, I am too excited to even think of anything else,”

he says.

The curiosity is all about who will be playing Sanjay, Kalpana and Ghajendra.

“Asin Thottumkal, who played the female lead in both Tamil and Hindi versions, will be playing the lead in the Nepali version. She is a very talented actor, and she is also a lucky mascot for these movies,” says Puri adding, “The actor for the character of Ghajendra has been finalised, and he is a Nepali.”

Is it Sunil Thapa? He kind of looks away and says, “It’s a big actor.”

Rajendra Khagdi? Another faraway look.

One takes a chance and asks, “Is it by the way Rajesh Hamal?”

He smiles and says, “I didn’t tell you this,” though he confirms that actors Shree Krishna Shrestha and Nikhil Upreti are being considered for the role of Sanjay.

Aamir Khan spent a year at the gym, continuously training with his personal trainer for the role. So, if these two actors are in the fray for the role of Sanjay Singhania aka Sachin, then they better hit gym and soon.