Ghanachakkar reviewed


A programme to review Sanjeev Uprety’s latest novel Ghanachakkar was organised at the Yala Maya Kendra on January 17.

The programme, jointly organised by the Book Foundation Nepal and Read Nepal, saw a good presence of senior writers and book lovers.

The unreliable lead character, the style, subject matter of the novel was much discussed. A participant remarked that the lead character gave the perspective of the neglected people, thereby letting the readers see how the present situation was created in a different way. Writer CK Lal opined that the character, location, and presentation were in a more traditional manner, while there was newness in the writer’s style.

On a question about his writing, Uprety shared, “Requesting all to take my views as personal, and not authoritative, what I have to say is the novel has all pre-modern, modern, and post-modern elements.”

The floor was later thrown open for questions. Ajay Bhadra Khanal, Senior Assistant Editor of THT, asked what the novel had for the aspiring Nepali writers. Uprety replied, “In our country, writers ‘tell’ more. I have tried to strike a balance between ‘telling’ things and ‘showing’ them. I think use of ‘showing’ can be helpful to new Nepali writers.”