Gift of good health

Good health is a boon — a precious gift of nature. Only a healthy person can lead a happy and successful life. A sick person, however rich he may be, cannot lead a meaningful life.

A person is healthy if s/he doesn’t suffer from any sort of illness in his body, mind and spirit. A healthy person has a lot of stamina.

S/He can digest whatever one eats. Good health is like morning sunshine imparting comfort and happiness all around. To maintain good health we have to observe certain rules. When we get ill we should seek medical attention and get cured as soon as possible. But prevention is better than cure. Good health prevents sickness.

To keep fit and healthy, we must have proper diet and nutrition. Our diet should be planned and balanced. Balanced diet contains the required vitamin, protein, carbohydrate, fat and minerals content. We must live a clean and hygienic life. Proper rest and work is also necessary to keep the body and mind fit and healthy.

We must exercise according to our age. Open air exercise like running, swimming, climbing is good for young people. Jogging and walking is good for elder people. Certain yoga and breathing exercises are also beneficial.