Gifts for him

Play the game of love this Valentine’s Day in style — gift your guy something really special. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a bomb on your token of love. Something inexpensive could be just as appealing. Just give it some serious thought and don’t forget the personal touch.

What are the gifting options you have? Well, there’s a certain method in the madness when it comes to choosing the right gift for him. All you need to do is follow these mantras.

The gifting logic:

Love charts its own course and varies in intensity. Give a gift that is in tune with the intensity of your love and your level of involvement. Your gift should not send the wrong message. For instance, it should not convey you are fully committed and sure of him when you are not.

Think carefully before splurging. Pick a hint from something he might have said in passing or just get wild and creative. Here is a list of ideas to help you out.

Early stages of a relationship:

You have been seeing him for a while now but are not sure where it’s headed. It may or may not last. But if your current level of commitment is low or undetermined, then stick to not-so-intense/ intimate gifts.

A collection of hisfavourite television series: This is a fun gift that both of you could enjoy together. Choose from Friends, Sex And The City and Will And Grace or, if he has a personal favourite, take that into account. You should get a DVD of the above-mentioned serials.

A lingering fragrance: Men are suckers for a good fragrance. Apart from the smell, pay attention to the perfume bottle; it should exude sufficient style. Spray some perfume on the gift wrapping paper, the ribbon and the accessories and write a romantic poem about lingering smells and what they do to you. This will make for a romantic, personal and a rather fragrant gift.

Celebrate a committed relationship:

If you are going strong and the future of the relationship seems bright, opt for a more intense present. Turn up the heat this Valentine’s and set the right mood for an evening filled with passion and romance.

Champagne flutes: A man loves to toast and drink in style. Buy the one you love classic Swarovski champagne flutes (champagne glasses) with crystal accents on the stem if you are high on cash. If money is an issue, just get two inexpensive, classic, plain fine glass flutes with a hint of colour shooting from the bottom. They not only serve as memorable keepsakes for years to come, but will also give you a reason to toast each other in style.

If money permits, throw in a champagne bottle.

Music CD with love messages: Though a CD of his favourite songs will please him, what will pleasantly shock him out of his wits is a recording of a two-line love poem, preferably written by you, before every song. If it sounds too mushy, you could infuse some humour into the couplet.

It’s pretty simple to do. Record your voice on your mobile phone or on a a recorder, transfer it onto your computer using a data cable and then arrange it along with his favourite songs to be burnt.

A treat for his tummy: Now that’s a time-tested route to a man’s heart. Bake/ buy himr a Valentine cake and use icing to inscribe your personal message on it. Cook/ order hisr favourite dishes and arrange a candlelight dinner. Take out your best cutlery and lay out a great spread. The idea is to make him feel cared for and loved.

A spicy V-Day for those married:

A married woman’s gift does not need to depict commitment, but she needs to set the mood for the upcoming passionate evening. She must make her man feel specially desired on this special day. Here are some ideas for making your day unforgettable:

A diary and a single red rose: From the day you met him up to today, your past must have some great memories. Pen them down with a dash of sentiment and humour and gift it to him with a single red or white rose. Choose a classy leather trimmed diary, preferably with a buckle to close it. Take a trip down the memory lane as he reads each and every page with great excitement.

Message everywhere: Write personal messages and place them in your man’s briefcase, in his car, by his toothbrush, next to his breakfast and one even in his shirt or trouser pocket. Pen down romantic thoughts about what he means to you or what the evening will bring. After he finds all of these messages, he is bound to rush home much earlier than expected.

Silk sheets: Buy a set of soft silk sheets in conventional colours like silver or dark maroon. These can be purchased at any high-end linen or upholstery showroom. Dress your bed and place some fresh flowers in a vase on a bedside table. When he walks in, he will be in for a surprise and will be ready for romance instantly!