Girls' Girl Elizabeth Hurley

LONDON: Elizabeth Hurley claims women like her so much more than men because they empathise with the relationship ''knocks'' she's had to deal with in the past.

Elizabeth Hurley claims women like her because she's had her heart broken.

The actress-and-model - who is now married to businessman Arun Nayar - believes she has a lot of female fans because they feel sympathetic after hearing about her previous relationship woes.

Elizabeth - whose previous partners include Hugh Grant who was caught with a prostitute when they were together, and Steve Bing who called for a paternity test for their son Damien - said: "Most well known women, if they are glamour pusses, have a male audience. I've always had a much, much bigger female fan base than male. It probably seems like I've had so many knocks, as well as good luck, that it means women are friendly to me."

The 44-year-old British star - who now runs a 400-acre farm in the UK with her husband and has brought out a range of health snacks - also admits she is often difficult to work with because she thrives best under pressure.

She told The Sunday Times Style magazine: "I'm probably not the best person to have shrinking violets around me. We all have to work extremely hard. It's hopeless if someone can't take it. I thrive under pressure and am less good if it's calm. I don't like serene atmospheres and go demented if I'm in a spa for too long where everyone whispers."

Despite this, Elizabeth says Arun manages to put up with her because he is successful in his own right.

She said: "Arun is astonishingly good-natured and would be the last man on earth to feel overshadowed by me. He's thoroughly comfortable in his own skin and I don't think he'd swap places with anyone."