Glam dates with stunning divas


The star-studded evening at Tripureswor Party Palace, UWTC on May 22 made history in the glamour world of Nepal by launching the first ever Glamorous Calendar. The Yamaha Glam 2065 calendar by fashion photographer Rajiv Shrestha with sizzling photos of the Nepali divas was launched by popular Bollywood photographer Rakesh Shrestha.

Rajiv Shrestha, who is also Managing Director of the portal, had been planning to launch such a calendar for quite some time but was not able to do so due to time constraints of the stars. Now with support of Naresh Shakya of netnasha, Shrestha made his dream come true. The calendar is sponsored by Yamaha Morang Auto works. The calendar has 11 beauties gracing each month of the Nepali year.

Most of the actresses and models featured in the calendar were present at the event to reveal

their pages. “Among all the photos I liked the one of Niruta Singh and Sushmita Dhakal. We tried roping Rekha Thapa in but was not able to due to time problem,” said Rajiv Shrestha. As the calendar was launched a month after the New Year it was a loss for actress Sanchita Luitel who graces the month of Baishak. “I am so sorry to Sanchita, we actually were planning to launch it earlier but could not do so due to various problems, so for next year’s calendar we will be launching it by Chaitra,” he informed.

Beauties featured in it are Sanchita Luitel (Baishak), Zenisha KC (Jestha and Magh), Usha Poudel (Ashadh), Jharana Thapa (Shrawan), Arunima Lamsal (Bhadra), Niruta Singh (Ashwin), Usha Rajak (Karthik), Richa Ghimire (Mangshir), Sushmita Dhakal (Poush), Pranisha

Silwal (Falgun) and Shovita Simkhada (Chaitra).

Apart from the featured glam dolls ex-Miss Nepals Malvika Subba, who was the emcee of the event, and Usha Khadgi Timilsina were present at the event, which also saw Noyu Singh, Namrata Shrestha, Khushboo Oli and others. The calendar is not for sale but for complimentary distribution by Yamaha Showrooms and netnasha.