Cameroon is located on the West coast of Africa. The former French Cameroon and part of British Cameroon merged in 1961 to form the present country. There are over 130 ethnic groups in the country speaking dozens of languages. Both French and English are official languages of Cameroon. But French is the most used language. The music of Cameroon is among the most popular in Africa. Mainly Makossa — a popular dance rhythm is famous. Agriculture is the main economic activity of the population. The main event of the country is the Mt Cameroon Race. It is celebrated in late January after New Year’s Day. Other events are the Muslim Feast of Ramadan, Tabaski in February or March, Cameroon National Festival in May and NSO Cultural Week in mid-November.

Feast of Ramadan signals the end of a month of daily fasts and is celebrated all over the country. Horse races, processions and dances are part of the festivities. Tabaski celebration includes a parade of marabouts — wise men and fortune-tellers. One of the major attractions of the country is Younde. It is the capital city which offers excellent museums. The Benedictine Monastery’s Musee d’Art Cameroonais has the collections of Cameroonian art like masks, bowls and Bamoun bronze pipes. Other attractions of the country are Douala, Foumban, Mt Cameroon and Parc National du Waza. The highlight of Douala is the landmark Hotel Akwa Palace situated in the heart of the town. Foumban is the centre of traditional African art. The Palais Royal located in Foumban houses the Sultan’s Museum. It contains a multitude of royal gowns, arms, musical instruments, statues, jewellery, masks and colourful bead-covered thrones.

Parc National du Waza is scrubby flat terrain which has Central Africa’s best wildlife. The cuisine of Cameroon includes grilled spiced brochettes stuffed into a bread roll with salad and dressing, grilled chicken and fish. Popular food is rice with sauces or a thick mashed potato-like substance that comes in three main forms — couscous, pâe or fufu made from rice, corn, manioc, plantains or bananas.