Go mobile!

Mobile — the word itself implies mobility and mobility in today’s world shows how fast we are moving. The 21st century

has seen innovation of many things and the mobile phone is one of them.

Today mobile has become one of the most important means of communication and is of great help for our day-to-day work in many ways. Mobile has made our work very easier and faster.

Earlier, people had to wait for a month or days to receive any messages but mobile has made that work very faster. Now we can send and receive messages in seconds and we can also contact to the people living in another country anytime any place. It is one of the multifunctional devices. Mobiles having FMS can entertain us and games can be good pastime.

Besides, there are several functionalities like calculators, reminders, phonebooks and more.

Mobiles are comparatively smaller in size and can be carried around. This way the mobile is letting us stay connected. Today mobile has become a necessity. At present the mobile service has been cut throughout the country. This has created lots of problem for people of Nepal and has also stopped development work in our country. Let’s all hope that services are resumed soon.

— Alina Manandhar, Class X, Shuvatara School