At about 9:00 pm my cell phone rang. It was one of my friends asking whether I would be joining them on the Educational Tour 2063 that was to begin the next morning.

...I was dressed and ready to ride the bus that would be taking us on a grand tour. My friends were all there — even that special friend. Our journey started from Hetauda and we were headed towards Pokhara. We played antakshari, and sometimes even our teachers joined in. Everyone was smiling. The beautiful scenery only added to our happiness. Then we were in beautiful Pokhara...

Someone was banging on the door. I had been dreaming. I dragged myself to open the door. It was my mother.

“Hurry up and get ready for the tour,” she said adding a friend of mine had phoned her regarding the tour. My happiness knew no bounds. I got ready in a flash and with dazzling smile on my face, I was on my way.

However, I could not see that special friend, and the entire tour was a disappointment for me.