Good news for foodies

Seventeen kudos to Chef Narender. Under his able guidance, Rox at Hyatt Regency has decided to include seventeen new delicacies of the likes of chargrilled chicken, grilled polenta, linguine and pizza rusticana on its revamped menu card. Also on offer are such wonders as Norwegian salmon and Spanish capers pizza, pizza tropicana, Rox non vegetarian tortellini, panzarotti, slow cooked lamb ossobucco, grilled swordfish and venison chops. Italian food lovers will be thrilled to know that pizza rusticana has in it pepperoni, parma ham and assorted bell peppers baked with mozzarella topped with Danish blue cheese and pizza tropicana is choc-a-bloc with ham, pineapple and sausage. What an eclectic combination to welcome the guest to the good life! — HNS