Anil cuts market price

MUMBAI: With the box-office fate of many a movie not being as good as expected, producers are coming up with new ways to keep their project under budget. So now an actor’s remuneration will not be as per his market price but performance oriented. The trend has started with K Sera Sera’s forthcoming venture ‘Galti Se’ and ‘Jaan Bujhke’ where Anil Kapoor will not take home his stipulated fee but is on a profit sharing deal. Kapoor will take home 35 per cent of the film’s box-office profit.

Such a deal is substantially risky for an actor for in case the film fails at the box-office the actor would get considerably less than his established market price. But then he would be benefited equally if the film turns out to be a hit (which is a rare phenomena in Bollywood). However to compensate for the actor’s risk factor, the producers are giving higher profit percentage margins to the actors.

On the other hand, the producers would be at a complete advantage with such a deal as they can strictly keep their project under budget by not committing on star’s fees. After Anil Kapoor, Sail Ali Khan and Ajay Devgan too are considering such deals with K Sera Sera for their forthcoming projects ‘Darwaza’ and ‘Time Machine’.

Devgan files case

KOLKATA: Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan is upset with a television channel. Devgan has filed a case against the Kolkata based television channel ATN International in the Andheri court. In his complaint the actor alleged that he had produced a Bengali serial Mukhosh for the channel and though the channel re-telecast the serial it did not pay Rs 50 lakh to Devgan.

On the similar lines the channel has filed a case in the Kolkata court claiming that it has cleared all it’s dues

to Devgan.

Kunal chips in

MUMBAI: While Rishi Rich is in India to film a song for Kunal Kohli’s ‘Hum Tum’, Kunal himself is off to Spain to shoot a new Ruffles Lays commercial with the official Lays ambassador and the lead star of his film — Saif Ali Khan. The ad is to be shot on a seacoast location and hence Spain happened to be the ideal choice.

Incidentally Kunal’s film also promotes Lays chips in some scenes, which was the very reason that he got to direct his first commercial.

Karsima, Juhi inspire music

MUMBAI: Karisma’s charisma has no boundaries. The fact can be proved by one of her fans who seem to be completely smitten by the actress’s beauty. Don Hamontree, an American guitarist, was so besotted by Karisma (who he claims reminds him of his ex-girlfriend) and Juhi Chawla that he actually composed two tracks “Karisma Comes To Lowell” and “Juhi Chawla” on these Bollywood beauties. Don came across Juhi’s posters in Chicago and was aware of Karisma in England. He also shelled out $100 just to get a second row seat in a Bollywood concert featuring Karisma.

Both his compositions will come out on a new CD to be released this year. Meanwhile both Juhi and Karisma are excited to know that they can inspire music and are looking forward to the tracks.

Lara and Priyanka set to sign

MUMBAI: Around two weeks ago, the news was that Saif Ali Khan was stepping into Shahid Kapur’s shoes in Karan Johar’s thriller, to be directed by Karan’s erstwhile assistant Soham Shah. The final (male) cast of the film is Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham.

Meanwhile, the search for the leading ladies is still on. There was talk that Rani Mukerji would essay one of the leads, but it seems that Karan has almost finalised Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra for the roles in question. Lara and Priyanka starred in the 2003 hit ‘Andaaz’ and if they do sign on the dotted line, the film will only look fresher, bigger and better.

Since Karan is currently out of town, a decision will be arrived at once he returns to Mumbai. “In fact, the girls have already confirmed in principle. Only the paperwork needs to be completed,” reveals a source closely associated with the film.