Guidance through books

Books have always been one of my favourite things. I picked up the habit of reading books around four years ago. Back then I had no idea how much I would enjoy reading. Not only that it has helped me mature a lot and improved my thinking capability as well. I have realised that books not only provide knowledge but also awakens the sleeping knowledge that lies within us.

We always feel a little uncomfortable when we try something new. It’s just like wearing a new pair of shoes; they pinch initially, but after awhile they fit perfectly. That is exactly how I embarked upon my journey of reading books. Later I began to indulge myself in exploring the wealth of information that books contained.

My mind was once as dry as a desert but books have helped me to nurture my mind and make it a beautiful garden. It has sown in my mind the seeds of good thoughts. It has guarded me from harmful thoughts. I think that solutions for all problems can be found in books along with great thoughts.

All the mistakes that we will ever make in our lives have been made others before us, we must learn from their experiences which will help in our personal development. In order to inculcate their thoughts and habits we must read persistently.

— Sijan Raj Mali, Class X, Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute