Guide to studying abroad

KATHMANDU: After completion of high school education, most Nepali students wish to pursue higher studies aboard. Sad that educational establishments in the country have precious little to offer to students. It should be no wonder that therefore, Nepali students often look for study and scholarship opportunities abroad. However, for lack of adequate information on foreign universities that offer the best bet, students often blindly turn to unreliable proxies - educational consultancies no better informed than a bad guide to studying abroad. As many Nepali students would have it believe, the US, the UK and Australia offer twin prospects of work and study. But the experiences of many students have belied this belief. A first initiative ever by a Nepali, RA Yadav, A Handbook of Foreign Scholarship- Volume I and A to Z of Higher Studies Aboard Vol-II, offers a useful glimpse into the uncharted prospects of higher education abroad. While Vol I offers the list and descriptions of the language of instruction, admission requirements, courses available, scholarships and course durations in the universities in foreign countries, Vol II lists countries, application procedure, test scores requirement and scholarships.

Nevertheless, neither of the books offers comprehensive information on universities. The writer leaves it upon THE students themselves to conduct their own research to find the right colleges. That said, however, the books serve as a useful guide to select countries and several scholarship options available to Nepali students.