LONDON: Salma Hayek regrets the moustache she grew to play Frida Kahlo in Frida - because now she has to keep waxing her top lip.

The Mexican beauty feared she wouldn't be able to pull off the artist's hirsute look if she faked a hairy top lip, so she started shaving her face in a bid to have the bristles grow back thicker and darker.

And now she can't keep them away.

Hayek tells the Globe, "Now I'm all messed up, because in real life, I have a moustache if I don't wax.

"When I get older, I'm probably going to look like (bandit) Pancho Villa."

She said: “Right now its Beyonce''s Halo. It just puts me in a trance, it''s so well written and she is so intense singing it.” (ANI)