Hanna mania takes over Malibu


Miley Cyrus brought her best screen-siren impression to the beach. The Disney Channel-bred phenomenon drew a crowd — and the cops — to Malibu’s Paradise Cove on the afternoon of July 11 while filming scenes for her upcoming Hannah Montana Movie.

In between takes, flocks of screaming young fans and scoop-hungry paparazzi swarmed the 15-year-old during her trips to a nearby bathroom, apparently taking any opportunity they had to get close to the teen idol. A server at the Paradise Cove Beach Café told E!

News that Cyrus has caused quite the ruckus over the last three days by coming in to use their ladies’ room. “She came in to use the bathroom and people just ransacked

her,” the employee said. “We were told we weren’t allowed to talk to her and we weren’t allowed to let the customers bother her, either.”

The scene created by the adoring horde and the inevitable shutterbugs eventually got so crazy that sheriff’s officers were called upon toward the end of the day to impress some crowd control. And by coincidence, a sheriff’s helicopter was also buzzing overhead at one point, so close that one beachgoer told E! News, “I thought it was going to land right on the papparazzi.” But still, the madness wasn’t contained to the water’s edge.