Happy dreams

We sleep everyday, or every night to be correct. While sleeping happenings and images unfold in our minds that we call dreams. We see bad dreams — nightmares as we call them — and good dreams, and on some nights we don’t see any dreams at all.

There is one dream that I can never forget. I dreamt that it was my birthday and I got up all excited. I saw that there were gifts all around me and I was so happy to see all those gifts.

I ran to my mother who was working in the kitchen and thanked her for all the lovely gifts. She was happy with my thanks.

My father was in the bathroom and I shouted out my thanks. He too was happy that I was happy. Just then I heard my mother’s voice telling me to wake up. “Wake up you’re getting late for school,” she said.

I woke up with realising that I had been dreaming. But what a pleasant dream it was. It made me feel happy. I will never forget this dream.