Harmonic Tremors rock Valley


The cloudy afternoon of June 14 was celebrated with music at the Nepal Police Club. Youths swarmed into the venue to enjoy some of their most loved under ground rock and metal bands sharing the stage to support the initiative of the students of Budhanilkantha School. Focus Budhnilkantha (a forum of cultural unity on stage) had organised the concert Harmonic Tremors to support the disabled at Jorpati.

Dressed up mostly in black with various prints on their t-shirts, youngsters thronged the venue to enjoy hard hitting music and bang their heads. Some of the guys even sported the Mohawk hairstyle that seems to be in vogue among the youths. Girls to beat the heat were mostly in hot pants making the day seem hotter than it already was.

Even though the concert was scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm sharp, it started only around 3:00 pm. Most of the crowd were waiting for their friends on the sides of the road, the whole area filled with giggling girls and chatting guys.

The opening band of the show was Electix who played mostly cover songs by the legendary rock bands. They were followed by Prakanda Bimba which successfully made the crowd go wild. Balancing the act, The Time infused the classical tunes of sitar in their unique performance and Antim Grahan played mostly their original songs. Bhumi was last to perform but were not able to play all their songs due to rain and external problems but their performance was very well received by the crowd. — HNS