Hearts of gold


Good Samaritan is not just some Biblical figure as was seen at Tewa’s jewellery donation programme held at the gracious Meera Jyoti’s residence on March 9. Tewa members and supporters outdid each other as they stripped off their gold bangles, necklaces, bracelets, diamond rings and even a mangalsutra to raise funds for the Founder’s Fund.

The function was held to mark Tewa’s 10th anniversary and in honour of Tewa’s founder Tracy Gray.

Meera Jyoti warmly welcomed all to her residence saying, “”Since this is to be a gathering for friends, I thought let’s have dinner at home. And as it was also to honour our founder, I felt this would be the best way.”

She added, “Most people may say that what we are doing today is because of the money we have, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. We believe that giving comes from the heart.”

And the women gathered displayed hearts of gold as they parted with their prized possession to help those less fortunate than them.

Founder Rita Thapa paved the way by placing her gold bangles in the collection bowl. An emotional moment brought tears to everyone’s eyes was when treasurer Sadhana Shrestha gave her mangalsutra to her daughter, who in turn placed it in the bowl.

“Tewa is a loving community and that is its greatest asset. I believe this is a dynamic, spiritual, mo-ral force and is a catalyst for women’s mo-vement,” said Gary, who started Tewa with friends from California in 1970s. “See the remarkable progress over the decades inspires me to come to Nepal more often. I have been to 23 countries but have never seen anything this magnificent. This is a model for the kind of world that I want to live in.”

All in all the women donated jewellwery worth around Rs 275,000. Apart from this Rs 75,000 and $ 2,000 were also donated. The fund will be used to assist women’s causes in wh-ich Tewa has been involved.

Stars mingle with fans

KATHMANDU: To foster the relationship between stars and fans, KTM Card organised an informal interaction at Club Page 3 on March 10.

Celebrities Nima Rumba, Om Bikram Bista, Niruta Singh, Sukmit Gurung, Sangina Baidhya and Simanta K Udas were invited to share their time with club members (KTM Card). After the artistes were felicitated by Deepak Bajracharya, a founding member of KTM Card, the fans got an opportunity to get an autograph and their photographs clicked with their favourite stars.

Around hundred people were present in the programme.

According to the organisers, around 1,700 people have become members though the club was formed just over two months ago. Several programmes are in the offing by the club, whose managing and networking is done by Royal Tone Records. — HNS