Heidi never liked ramp

LOS ANGELES: Heidi Klum says she never enjoyed catwalk modelling. The German beauty, who now presents US TV fashion design show Project Runway, didn’t like appearing in shows because she was never the right build.

She said, “Fashion shows have never been my thing. I don’t look thin enough for the runway. The other girls were always much taller and skinnier. But I’ve never starved myself or done crazy things just to be thin like a rail.”

Heidi also admitted she never pays attention to compliments she is given by people in the fashion industry. She added, “People in the business always say, ‘You look fabulous.’ You get that all the time and it kind of goes in one ear and out from the other because most of the time they just say that to make you feel good. It’s nice when you hear it from an ordinary person and then I appreciate it.”