You’re convinced that your workplace needs an infusion of humor. Here are some practical suggestions:

1. Humor Bulletin Board: Put up funny articles, cartoons, pictures, quotes, even better, set up a humor room. Buy an assortment of books, magazines, jokes, games, videos, and other props. Encourage all staff to take a humor break at least once a day.

2. Witty Words: Include humor in some of your letters, memoranda, minutes, and reports. Inject it in your major publications— catalogs, brochures, sales flyers, policy manuals. Include a humor section in your company newsletter.

3. Decorate: Try brightening up your office or meeting rooms with humorous posters, pictures or funny quotes.

4. Phony Policies: Issue hilarious policies or procedures on official company letterhead. Send out a crazy directive on sick leave, vacation, travel or any topic which is applicable or pending in your organization.

5. Staff Development: Offer a program on humor to all staff. Stress the positive benefits that laughter brings to an organization. Work with a professional humor consultant and/or staff from other “humorised” companies.

6. Speeches and Presentations: Give a boost to your material as well as your audience by humorising your talks. Use funny quotes, amusing anecdotes, self-deprecating humor, quirky observations, etc.

7. Unusual Events: Schedule “stress buster” events on days when the going gets really rough. Encourage all staff to dress up weird. How about a Crazy Tie Day? Be creative!

8. Celebrations: Surprise your staff by having their offices colorfully decorated when they arrive for work on their birthday (or anniversary). Consider really doing it up on “decade” birthdays.

10. Joy Gang: Establish a joy gang whose purpose is to plan and implement a variety of different activities and events throughout the year. Humor is infectious. Have as many people as possible infect your organization with mirth!

Richard Oconnor is mental health professional psychologist