Helping each other

My neighbours are always ready to share in our happiness and sorrow. I have many friends in our neighbourhood with whom I can share my joys and sorrows.

In our neighbourhood, we have an entertainment programme once every month.

We mostly go for dry picnics or Nepali movies.

We have formed a teenage committee to solve our problems. Most of our problems are related to studies, but we also talk about other problems like drugs and so on.

I really like my neighbours.

Last year we had a serious problem. My parents were involved in a bike accident. However, my friend’s dad was there. They were taken to a nearby hospital, and they recovered after a few days.

I always remember that incident. You should always help someone who is in trouble.

Our elderly neighbours have also established a committee that helps old people. They have lunches with them every Saturday. I sometimes join them. All of us contribute something towards these lunches.

And our street is also always silent because there are no rowdy boys and girls to disturb others.