Hoffman in Mehta’s next film

Reports have it that Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman has been approached to play the main antagonist in Deepa Mehta’s next film Luna.

Luna is based on the real life story of American environmentalist Julia Hill, who lived on a California Redwood tree for 738 days to protest against the cutting of trees by Pacific Lumber Company. Hill sat on the tree, which she named Luna, from 1997 to 1999 until a resolution was reached in which the loggers agreed to preserve trees within a three-acre buffer zone in the redwood forest.

Rachel Weisz will play Hill, while John Abraham will play an environmentalist who supports Julia.

The film’s producers Warner Brothers are learnt to be in talks with Dustin Hoffman to play the role of the chief of Pacific Lumber Company.

A powerful actor is needed to play the head of the loggers who did not budge for two years until Hill’s protest garnered immense support.