Hot pakoras, momos, steaming mugs of coffee...

My choice of snacks would be tongba and sukuti, and I would these oh-so-gracefully on a rainy day.

— Pratap

With the rain pattering on the lane and the wind swirling around, there would be nothing better than sitting in the verandah and devouring hot pakoras with tomato sauce.

— Rosaline

On a rainy day, I like to lie comfortably on my sofa watching some horror movies enjoying foods like chowmein or macaroni, and sipping coffee or tea. I like to call some of my friends over, go out on the rooftop terrace and dance in the rain.

— Dipeesh Aggrawal

A rainy day munching on my favourite snack - it is an occasion not to be missed. My snack of choice would be bhuteko makai bhatmas (roasted soybeans and corn) and sandeko gundruk with lots of spices and chillies. A rainy day without a cup of hot tea is colourless. I enjoy drinking a cuppa sitting by my window and looking outside.

— Sushma Khatiwada, Peoples Dental College

I definitely have my favourite snack for a rainy day. My choice is that particular momo, found only in Tripureshwor, along with a cup of coffee. I was introduced to this momo almost 10 years ago by a dear friend of mine. I had not met her for seven long years until I bumped into her recently. On a rainy day, I would call her up, set a time to meet at that particular stall, order some momos and coffee, and reminisce over our good times.

— Dr Ujjwal Bikram Khadka, Jorpati

On a rainy day, I usually feel lazy and prefer to sit in a corner of my room and listen to the rain. I even watch the streets and garden from my window. I enjoy munching on hot pakoras with sweet tomato ketchup, or noodle soup with a cup of black tea.

— Nirupa Bhusal

I enjoy walking in the rain and getting my clothes and hair wet. It is even more enjoyable to sit in a small tea stall beside the road sipping of a glass of hot tea, warming my hands around the hot glass and watching other people getting wet in the rain.

— Priya Bandhu

Neupane, Bhairahawa

I love eating chicken momo with tomato soup on a rainy. On such wet days, we make momo at home and have a lot of fun enjoying this delicious food together, laughing out when someone put a really hot momo into the mouth and has to take it out immediately.

— Suja Dulal

On a day when it’s raining, I like to prepare vegetable soups - at least two flavours - and serve those to the rest of my family members. I enjoy spending such a day with my grandparents eating fruits and listening to their tales.

— Sanat Aryal, Kirtipur

I love eating Newari dishes like bara and potato on rainy days, and also parantha with chatni. And coffee with my friends

— Ravi Maharjan

I think steamy hot momos, aloo paranthas would be the best choices for a rainy day snack. And being able enjoy those bundled in a cozy quilt would be awesome.

— Niya

Steaming coffee on a rainy day with someone special in a cozy restaurant.

— Pradeep Acharya

During rainy days, I love to have the coldest icecream lying under the quilt and watching my favourite cartoons. I also love to have chatpate, pickle, titaura, pakoras with sauce and panipuri.

— Sobita Khadka

I would like nothing better than pulling on my cigarette with a cup of coffee.

— Tara

What would be better than getting wet in the rain? Nothing trumps that, but reading a good novel sitting by the window, sipping on a cup of good coffee wouldn’t be bad either.

— Rakesh Pradhan

My choice is to eat crunchy snacks like Kurkure or chips or noodles with soft drinks, while sitting near the window and looking outside.

— Shubhu

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is enjoy a piece of pastry with a steaming mug of coffee in a café. I enjoy biting into the pastry listening to soothing music and watching the acts of people on the wet roads.

— Yogendra Shreshta

When I am at my home, I would love to enjoy the rain sitting in an armchair on the porch with a cup of tea on the table by my side and my note pad and pen to jot down anything or even sketch the beauty in front of my eyes. Otherwise I enjoy walking without my umbrella to a cafe by the road, order tea or coffee and just stare and stare at the rain - on the road and over the sky.

— Surya

I love to have hot pakoras with hot tea on roadside stalls at with the street vendors’.

— Dhanu Shrestha

I love rainy season, and I love eating momos. I love eating hot-hot momos with chilled tomato sauce with different spices. The momos at Basantapur area are delicious in the rainy season.

— Bivek Dhakal, Kupondole

I would love to enjoy my coffee with bara.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Kunpondole

The special thing about rainy days is that you get time to spend with your family. I enjoy all the hot stuff - tea, coffee and soup - with my parents. When I am alone, I love sipping cold drinks with hot pokoras.

— Kes Bahadur Pun, Simpan

I love eating chrunchy chips along with fruit juice during the rainy season. It helps me overcome boredom and makes me refreshed and recharged.

— Ambika Pandey,


A mug of hot coffee and drinking it to the dregs would be my choice while gazing on the streets below.

— Wreena Maharjan, Kathmandu

I love sitting at home, watching the rain through the window, sipping on a steaming mug of health drink or coffee or tea, or a bowl of hot noodle soup. When I am with my friends, I like to munch on popcorn and spicy potato chips while watching people walking in the rain.

— Sumnima Khatri

I like to eat home-made momo on a rainy day with my family and watch movie at home. I also love to eat puri tarkari.

— Arpan Bhandari