How much is too much?

Ever since the beginning of history cosmetics have been used by human beings of either and both gender to enhance their beauty. As civilisation progressed, women came to use them more than men and then, almost exclusively, until, perhaps the last 100 years or so. Language, too, evolved and new words like makeup came into popular use. But how much makeup is “too much?” In today’s edition, Sneh Rana ( answers this question.

Hi there! I love using mascara but I feel I use too much of it at times. Please help me.

— Anju Shah

Too much mascara can make your lashes look hard as a rock. Your eyes may be beautiful but your lashes may look dried out and flake under your eyes so to avoid that always work with newer mascaras. If your mascara is older than 3 months, it means its already drying out, and it will go uneven and thick”. The creamier the mascara the better. Apply two or three coats and if you think it is not enough then you are using the wrong mascara.

Sunny days have begun again and I have become quite dark in fact much more than before though I use sunblocks. Please suggest some best ways to get back my original colour.

— Khushi

You may need to increase the SPF number in your sun protection cream. Use a 30 or 45 SPF with a UVA/UVB shield. As to get your original colour back you need to consult a beautician.

Monsoon has knocked on everyone’s door, with that our beauty has challenged us accordingly.

I am a teenage girl with lots of oil and pimples on my face, which always have been a problem. My friend’s skin looks good and beautiful. How can I become beautiful and fair like you?

— Anuradha Giri

You maybe suffering from acne as a lot of teenagers do. You should follow healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. Drink at least 2 bottles of water everyday as it will drain out the toxins from oily skins and provide moisture. Regular gentle cleansing is a must. Wash your face three or four times a day. And lastly use an oil free sun block on your face.

The prize for the question of the week goes to Anju Shah.