Hurdles created by ‘us’

Oh! God what’s wrong with the electricity? I can’t watch TV or use the computer... Life is so

boring without electricity.”

These are the words that most people say to themselves when there is load-shedding. It shows that one cannot imagine life without science these days. It’s hard to believe that science, which has been a boon for all, might actually cause trouble.

We can never deny the contributions of scientific technology in making a person’s life better. In today’s world science is ruling the world. Science has helped man make almost everything that was thought to be impossible, possible. On one hand, scientific technology is making people’s life easier by the day, while on the other, it’s troubling us. That is the reality.

But science is not responsible for the troubles facing us. It is us, human beings, who are responsible for all the troubles. We have become dependant on science for the simplest of things. We depend upon science for every step we take towards development. In ancient times, when there was no electricity, people were surviving without it, and now we cannot even live a minute without electricity. But that doesn’t mean we should totally avoid science, we should use it for advancement in various important fields without relying on it for the simplest things.

Today’s students are using calculators for solving simple sums. With the services of the net, telephone and mobiles, contacting people has become easy and if these services are not available, we find difficulty in living our day-to-day lives.

So, instead of depending upon science for the simplest things, we should do simple things by ourselves. If we don’t make this effort, then we will not be able to live in the absence of science and one day the advancements made by science may trouble us.

— Dipraj Bista, Class X, Suryadaya Sai Secondary School