Ifans, Miller break-up turns ugly


Actor Rhys Ifans wants to beat up Mathhew Rhys since he blames him for the end of his relationship with actress Sienna Miller.

According to thesun.co.uk, Sienna broke up with Ifans because he was jealous of her spending time with Rhys, her former boyfriend. They shot a movie together in Los Angeles. Ifans has started drinking a lot after the break-up and has threatened to beat up Rhys if he finds out Sienna cheated on him. A source close to Ifans says, “He’s has taken the break-up really badly. He’s spent the week in the pub texting Sienna - begging her to change her mind. His hurt has turned to anger and he has said he will sort out Matthew when he sees him. He’s raging. Sienna has lost her rag too. She’s refusing to return his calls and Rhys has promised to confront her when Matthew is with her.”