Illustrating Freedom of Expression

KATHMANDU: The art exhibition ‘Drawing Freely’ under various themes related to social, political and economical conditions by around 50 cartoonists from 40 countries began on September 1 at Alliance Française of Kathmandu (AFK), Tripureshwor.

‘Drawing Freely’ exhibits the freedom of expression exercised through illustrations around the world in contemporary times that have been published in the cartoonists’ native countries.

In the exhibition there are 12 panels with topics like ‘Charlie Hebdo’, ‘The Dangers of the Internet’, ‘Warning Corruption!’, ‘Women’s Voices’, ‘Save the Earth’, ‘Crisis without Borders’, among others.

Each panel consists of illustrations by five different cartoonists on similar topics and explanations about the illustrations as well. On the topic ‘The Dangers of the Internet’, cartoonist Kichka from Israel has illustrated a man using his cellphone to capture the picture of an armed policeman who is going to hit the man with his stick.

While the man without any nervousness or defending himself is using a computer to upload the picture of the policeman on Facebook. Cartoonist Ruben from the Netherlands has illustrated the Statue of Liberty carrying a tablet in one hand and a satellite disc on the other to get the network and also wearing earphones.

The illustrations can make you smile as well as strike you with truths in society around the world. According to Prabin Rana, Deputy Director of AFK, AFK organised the exhibition in partnership with Courrier International and Institute Francais whose main aim is to promote freedom of expression and to show how cartoonists from different countries are practising the same.

Rana added, “AFK is also organising Comic workshop on September 9, 16, 23 and 30 by book illustrator Promina Shrestha. While the exhibition is on, the workshop is free of cost, anyone can be the part of it.”

The exhibition continues till October 28.