Internet boom boon

Internet is the treasure of vast knowledge and unlimited entertainment. Whether it is for the latest news or online games, Internet has become a necessity in today’s world. With cyber cafes mushrooming in every corner of the world, Internet is easily accessible anytime and anywhere at the most affordable prices. Getting connected to the world within seconds is just a click away.

When there is hardly any leisure time, only a handful of people would prefer letters to e-mails. Anyway, who would like to invest so much time and money writing a letter and posting it when a better option is available?

I don’t even remember when was the last time I had posted a letter.

Internet has made our life extremely easy. Moreover, the use of abbreviations in every word makes our work even easier. On contrary, use of the older method is slower, time consuming and sophisticated.

Get a paper, follow the format, write in your own handwriting, use an envelope and a stamp and finally post it. Oops! This really is a hard job.

It would be satisfying if after all this struggle, the letter would still reach its destination quickly. But unfortunately, it is a month or two before the mail is delivered.

No doubt it’s called a snail mail.

Internet has definitely provided an awesome opportunity for people living even in the extreme north and south poles to remain connected.

Chat programming is the most unique specialty Internet has provided its customers with. To see its craze among the youths, all we have to do is go to a nearby cyber café. I find it amazing to see how the circle of friends grows through this medium. In a way,

it is encouraging global fraternity and brotherhood. Nevertheless, it can be the most pleasant way of killing time.

Internet’s chat programming is definitely a fun-filled software but also a slow poison. Before one realises, chatting on the Internet becomes an addiction and this addiction is not that easy to get over.

Though its true that Internet has resulted in loss of creativity and vigour among the youth, it still is one of their closest pals because Internet is where we find information.