Ireland beckons

KATHMANDU: Ireland, a country famous for its scholars, writers and high educational standards, has in recent years been opening its doors to more international students.

So, why consider Ireland as the destination for your further studies?

An English-speaking country with a population of less than four million, it provides a friendly environment to study and live in; community, family and socialising are integral parts of daily

life — values similar to Nepal, according to Selina Foley, an education consultant from Ireland.

With internationally recognised degrees and post-graduate programmes, and the ability to work while you study (Ireland’s vibrant economy means it has the lowest unemployment rate

in Europe) all add weight to seriously considering Ireland. In addition, the government has recently opened up opportunities for Master’s level students to work in Ireland for up to two years after they graduate.

Griffith College, Dublin is the largest independent, university-level college in Ireland. Its reputation for high-quality education has led to its student numbers increasing by 20 per cent per year. And its popularity among Irish students alike led to the prime minister’s daughter studying there.

For the last two years, the college has had intakes of Nepali students and is keen to increase their number. Taking this seriously, and with a long-term perspective in mind, the college has

its regional representative based in Nepal. This representative is developing links with colleges, whereby students can start their degrees — in the fields of IT, Business and Hospitality — in Nepal, and complete them at Griffith College. The representative also provides support to students throughout the visa application process.

Moreover, Griffith College conducts seminars two or three times a year in Kathmandu, where students can directly meet college staff, and interview for places in the next academic year.

Griffith College’s next seminar (free to all those interested) on November 18 at The Malla Hotel, Lainchaur from 12:30 – 5:00 pm. (For more details:; 4700096/ 4700041)