Is Beckham next Bond?

LONDON: Football’s passe, David Beckham now wants to try his hand at acting. Former footballer Beckham has branched into everything from modelling to charity work, but he’s keen to prove there’s no limit to his talents and hopes to act in films too.

And as he doesn’t believe in doing things small, the 40-year-old is seriously considering taking on James Bond’s role as Daniel Craig’s contract approaches its expiration date. The father of four is said to have started thinking about putting himself forward for the part after being encouraged to do so by fans.

Craig’s contract to play Bond is approaching its expiration date.

While the star admitted he is aware acting is a “tough profession”, he’s “used to criticism”, reports “I am very aware that many sportsmen and other celebrities have turned their hand to acting and failed,” Beckham was quoted as saying by The Times. “I know it is a tough profession, where you need a huge amount of skill and discipline, and I wouldn’t want to push myself forward too soon, without learning more about it, and doing a lot more practice. But what I have done so far, I have loved. I can deal with most things. I am a well-known person, so I have got used to criticism,” he added.