One’s self value is not only deduced from his/her attractive outward appearance, but also his/her intrinsic unique character. The latter also accounts for your popularity, especially among friends of the opposite sex. What kind of person are you? Do you possess a superior character?

Take this quiz to get to know yourself better.

Q1. You are not a parrot, you have your own point of view.

Yes — go to Q2

No — go to Q8

Q2. You prefer a star-shaped to a heart-shaped necklace.

Yes — go to Q3

No — go to Q9

Q3. You are not interested in dolls or robots.

Yes — go to Q4

No — go to Q11

Q4.You have little interest in traditional clothing.

Yes — go to Q5

No — go to Q11

Q5. You have red clothing in your wardrobe

Yes — go to Q6

No — go to Q12

Q6. You would like to apply for a job which requires experience.

Yes — go to Q7

No — go to Q13

Q7. Your friends like to get along with you because you are a reliable person.

Yes: You are Type A

No: Your are Type B

Q8. You have short hair.

Yes — go to Q2

No — go to Q15

Q9. You think your skin complexion is not fair enough.

Yes — go to Q3

No — go to Q16

Q10. Which kind of flowers do you like most?

A. Sunflower — Q14

B. Wild chrysanthemum — Q11

Q11. You are a conscientious student/ employee.

Yes — go to Q5

No — go to Q17

Q12. You have no interest in crafts recently.

Yes — go to Q6

No — go to Q18

Q13. You are an easygoing and friendly person.

Yes — go to Q7

No — go to Q19

Q14. You don’t mind even sleeping together with a group of people of the opposite sex on the same bed.

Yes — Type A

No — go to Q20

Q15. You would choose sports as your major extra-curricular activities.

Yes — go to Q9

No — go to Q21

Q16. You are fond of Math and Science subjects.

Yes — go to Q10

No — go to Q22

Q17. You like orange more than red.

Yes — go to Q12

No — go to Q24

Q18. You like mountains more than oceans.

Yes — go to Q13

No — go to Q25

Q19. Whenever someone is better than you, you will get irritated and uncomfortable.

Yes — go to Q14

No — go to Q26

Q20. You don’t mind talking and laughing loudly in the public.

Yes — Type B

No — Type C

Q21. You always tidy up your own room.

Yes — go to Q16

No — go to Q28

Q22. You like watching TV programme related to sports.

Yes — go to Q23

No — go to Q29

Q23. You think pure friendship cannot exist in between opposite sexes.

Yes — go to Q10

No — go to Q17

Q24. You would like to learn cooking.

Yes — go to Q18

No — go to Q31

Q25. You have a lot of interest in ‘Internet’.

Yes — go to Q19

No — go to Q32

Q26. What kind of persons do you favour most?

A. Sporty — go to Q20

B. Mature — go to Q39

Q27. You would like to wear clothes which are specially designed to show off?

Yes: Type B

No: Type D

Q28. You like dogs more than cats?

Yes — go to Q22

No — go to Q34

Q29. You usually carry perfume when you go out?

Yes — go to Q30

No — go to Q35

Q30. You like the moon more than sun?

Yes — go to Q23

No — go to Q24

Q31. You change your hairstyle frequently.

Yes — go to Q25

No — go to Q37

Q32. Serving others make you busy.

Yes — go to Q26

No — go to Q38

Q33. Your hair is always untidy.

Yes: Type C

No — go to Q27

Q34. You are afraid of cooking.

Yes — go to Q29

No — go to Q35

Q35. You have quite a lot of ornaments.

Yes — go to Q36

No — go to Q37

Q36. You like shopping during holidays.

Yes — go to Q37

No — go to Q31

Q37. You will go and take a portrait in the future.

Yes — go to Q32

No — go to Q38

Q38. You are not fussy about the pattern and cut of your underwear.

Yes — go to Q39

No — go to Q40

39. You have no interest in crafts making.

Yes — go to Q27

No — go to Q33

40. You follow the fashion trend on clothes.

Yes: Type C

No: Type D

Type A: Outgoing

You are an outgoing and cheerful person. Although you still get frustrated sometimes, you can get through the hard times easily and be joyful again. Your friendly personality is your good point in the eyes of the opposite sex, but this makes your spouse feel insecure. Your lack of emotion is your disadvantage. Your friend of your gender find it hard to understand you because of your innocent thinking. But this is your advantage as to attract the opposite sex who has this same personality as you.

Type B: Artistic

You love caring for others and it is the reason why you are a big sister/brother in people’s eyes. People will find it interesting and comfortable talking to you, and this enables you to gain trust from them. This usually gives good impression to those opposite sex who are sentimental and younger than you.

Type C: Lovable

You are a typical little sister/brother in the eyes of the opposite sex. You are dependent and have less own opinions. Among the four types, you are in the type that favours marriage most. You have a vigorous sense of occupying your spouse. You can take every opportunity to attract other’s attention as well. The first impression you give to the opposite sex is your sympathetic look and character. This may account for the reason why others are eager to offer you protection and security. It is suggested that you wear clean and tidy clothes to get further more popularity.


Type D: Charming

Among the four types, you are in the type that possess the most charming beauty. The sexy charm that you possess does attract other’s attention and gain you much popularity though, most of them just pay notice and show favour on your outward beauty. You are advised not to believe too much of other’s sweet and honeyed words and phrases. It is suggested that you show your talents and intelligence more, so that people will have good impression of you not only because of your outward appearance but because you have high opinion of intrinsic aptitude.