It must have been love


It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all’. All of us probably by

now have fallen in love or have been infatuated at least once in our lifetime.

And for those who have felt this special feeling know how it feels to be in love regardless of age and other factors.

Since its Valentine’s Day today, we at The Himalayan Times thought of getting a little more personal with our celebrities and find out their experiences in love.

Here they are sharing with us their very first crushes.

Dr Bhola Rijal, Gynaecologist/Lyricist

My first crush was my wife. I got married at the age of 15 since my grand pa wanted to see his only grandson’s marriage in his life. I studied in boy’s school. I already had a son when I went to Bangladesh to pursue MBBS. By then I had started liking all beautiful things on this earth. I was more focused on my studies. I would involve myself in creative work in spare time. Although Valentine’s Day is not Nepali culture, Nepali youth seems to have taken it up passionately. I believe there is no point to discourage today’s youth from celebrating the day in their way.

In fact, we have to encourage all activities that teach them to love.

Sujan Chitrakar, Artist (Painter)

I don’t remember my first crush but it must have been a normal adolescence flight of the imagination. But it never materialised. I believe developing crush for someone has nothing to do with love until it gets materialised. I drew a quite thick line to differentiate love and infatuation. It was free flowing and never lasting like the flight of Icarus. Crush is a purest form of fantasy. But the relationship I share now is the most vital force of my life. With me I hardly bring in any of my past experiences to interrupt my present bliss. That is the way I think one should celebrate life.

Rekha Thapa, Actress

I’ve been married for 4 years now. And we make one of the happiest couples, I suppose. I remember having a crush when I was in school and in college. Perhaps, I had many of them, but I was never keen on going steady with any of them. In fact, it was as exciting to remain friends for life and that’s just what we did. It was only four years ago that I met Chhabi and it was more than just another of those teenybopper crushes. It didn’t take us long to decide to tie the knot. As fulfilled as my life is with Chhabi, I don’t ever miss the ones I must have liked. I don’t like the idea of celebrating outdoors. So instead my husband and me are planning to celebrate it at home with our friends and relatives.

Deepak Raj Giri, Actor/Director

I must be about 6/7 years

old when I had a crush on a girl. I don’t quite remember her but she appears as beautiful to my mind when I had fallen for her. It was a subtle feeling but not exactly love. I believe this feeling develops in early childhood at the age of five or six. It was just the feeling to be with someone beautiful, may be attraction to a beautiful person. Later, when I was in love, I wanted her to be wise and understanding. Later, I got married and I wanted her to be mature in all respects. Of course, sex quotient is always there in love and attraction but probably not in your first crush.