It was indeed tender madness

KATHMANDU: It’s is almost over even before we had enough of it. But, before we start counting our fingers waiting for the next Jazzmandu festival, an evening will remain etched on our minds.

Supper-Club at the Shambala Garden, Shangri-La on November 11 among all the other evenings, was definitely be something to remember. And it is very natural to find it difficult to get over the feeling of exhilaration of the magnificent evenings that seemed to have passed without notice. In fact, it must have been this euphoria, that made the crowd gathered at the Shambala garden stand the bitterest cold of this November evening.

As usual, David and Carmen trail-blazed the performances that followed. And since first performance cast it’s magic spell on the audience, the spectators never for once seemed to fidget in their seats.

The only moment that saw a slight movement was when the bands had a brief break for the sumptuous dinner awaiting them all.

After the dinner at about 10 pm, the tables were still neatly arranged and not one occupant seemed missing. And as Solid! played the composition ‘Tender Madness’, the entire spectacle seemed to be in harmony with the spirit of this splendid music.

Indeed, a little madness is acceptable once in a while, particularly when nobody has two opinions about it. And still yet when everybody else is in the mood to indulge in it.