It’s all about ethics

Himalayan News Service


In the usual case, people would like to give a second thought to the amount of money that they find. Some people don’t care what is lying around or whose it is while others crave for such things. Picking up things or not, especially money lying in the street, depends upon an individual’s characteristics. One Pawan Chandra Adhikari, an MBS student in Shanker Dev College was seen the other day calling a small girl who he saw drop Rs 50 from her pocket. He returned the money and walked away. “I really don’t feel comfortable with money that I find on the road. Had I seen the girl drop it, I would still have preferred not to pick it up,” he said.

There are no hard and fast rules that determine if one should pick up something found lying somewhere. Many people don’t pick up things or money because it’s said to be a bad omen. But the devil and temptation resides in every individual, it might lead them to act uncanny.

Usually it hardly makes any difference at that time to one who picks up the money — irrespective of the amount— but in the long run what would that person feel if he or she was the one suffering the loss. Of course, many people are of the opinion that one should try one’s best to find the person who lost it and in case the owner cannot be located, the amount could be utilised for a good purposes. Mostly people prefer to spend such money on social work, for charity or for helping the needy. People rarely believe in spending such money on themselves as it is believed to bring bad luck. But even in this way, people can nurture ethical and moral values and use it as a stepping-stone towards being a better human being.