It's D-4, and ARMYs worldwide are going into a frenzy

KATHMANDU: It is D-4 and ARMYs are waiting with baited breath as to what it could mean as Big Hit Entertainment continues to pique fans' interests with their mysterious teaser images.

The label, that manages South Korean global sensation BTS, has been releasing mysterious black and white teaser images showing a blurry figure in the background.

Media outlet Koreaboo says "if you’re feeling Namfused, Jungshook, or just plain puzzled about BTS‘s countdown, don’t worry. You’re not alone!"

On May 17, Big Hit Entertainment shared a mysterious, black and white teaser on Twitter with the text 'D-7' on it.

As of May 19, the countdown was 'D-4' but ARMYs are no closer to figuring out what is going on.

Fans are going into a frenzy trying to figure out what these teasers could possibly mean. Many believe the teaser images are for BTS, but no one is sure: only time can tell.

So, for now ARMYs can only wait.