Jackson’s 50 concerts sold out in 40 hrs!

LONDON: Pop superstar Michael Jackson, who is working on his comeback, has sold tickets for 50 concerts in just four hours.

Hundreds of fans lined up and all 750,000 tickets were sold, thesun.co.uk reported on March 14.

The AEG Live promoter Randy Phillips said, “That wasn’t anticipated. We never thought it would be 50 shows and, frankly, based on the queues on Ticketmaster, plus the 300,000 registrants we still haven’t issued codes to, we could spend two years here. Mike asked me how long he would be in the UK and I told him, ‘Probably long enough to get a British passport’. Michael’s already pretty much put together a list of the dancers he wants. Michael’s very engaged now.”

Other likely venues for more Jackson concerts might include New York, Las Vegas, Mumbai and Paris.