Jail time makes Neil value

MUMBAI: From now onwards Neil Nithin Mukesh will value the absolute freedom that he like any other citizens of the country get and enjoys. Visiting the Thane jail and seeing the prisoners’ life has made him realise the state of mind of several men who cannot see the outside world.

The B-Town star said, “It was the most life changing day of my life. So much of what we take for granted seemed so vital and unreachable in there and I came across faces and voices in there which I will never forget”.

Neil had gone on for a five-hour visit to the jail as per the instructions of Madhur Bhandarkar, the director of his film Jail.

He added, “These are people who have built a universe within the prison. They cook,

they do carpentry, make beautiful meals and artifacts. They pray, study and even watch films. We sat and ate their food. And I must say it was very good.”