Jam Session : Swinging to his music


A fashion design graduate, he is today one of the most popular DJ’s of the Capital. The club scene was hot and happening in Mumbai and he had a couple of good DJ friends and the passion of mixing music took Ankit Kocher by storm.

“I have this habit of mastering anything that I immerse into,” says DJ Ankit. He used to practice 16-18 hours daily.

“I used to go through different mixes by other DJs, surf the net for music and practice a lot to bring my kind of music, which would cater the taste of audiences,” he adds.

His hard work and passion paid off when he won War of DJs in 1999. And since then there has been no looking back for him.

He has been in Nepal for the last six years and Club Galaxy at Hotel Everest is his second home. DJ Ankit, who is fluent in Nepali language and well-known among the partygoers, says it was not a easy in the beginning.

“Initially people thought that DJs are some sort of juke box, a person who just carries a stack of CDs and plays the music. But it is not just about playing music with some mix. If it was just that then any person can be one. It is more than just remixes. It’s about creating music that entertains, energises and excites the crowd. But today it is looked at with respect and admiration. DJing has come out of its shell. It a very stylish job that presents music which is different from the old school music scene,” he says.

He takes each and every person who walks into his club as his guest and feels that it is his responsibility to entertain the guest and satisfy their need for good music. He adds that being a DJ is not just limited to the turntable and mixing, it is also about having a good PR (public relation).

“Today DJs take care of their appearance, talk well and are very stylish. It is important to have an image among your guests,” he adds.

He considers DJing an industry.

“Most of the nightlife in any place is run by nightclubs and DJs. And here we make sure we cater to their taste and at the same time give them an international clubbing ambience with good music,” he says. DJ Ankit is aware of the need of the crowd and plays commercial music, but along with that he prefers playing house music, which are his favourite and signature mixes.

“We are trying to maintain an international clubbing scene and house music is big world wide. I make sure that I do that here as well. Keeping in mind the original taste of the crowd here, I slowly try to bring in the change. You know you have succeeded when crowd that booed your music in the beginning demands it in the later days,” he says adding, “Nepali taste of club music is gradually changing.”

People’s response is his high and says, “I love challenges. I have worked hard in making a place as a DJ. Today the DJ industry is respected, it generates economy and allows you to connect with people through music. I guarantee you that the music played in Galaxy is better than in most clubs in India.”

The DJs that he likes are DJ Kranti and DJ Jahangir, and among the international DJs he is fond of DJ Dave Seaman and DJ Eric Prydz.

He does not have any plans to bring out a commercial CD in the near future. “I want to come up with something that will energise the mood and gives you goosebumps, not something just for the heck of it.”