Janet denies cancer rumours

LOS ANGELES: American musician Janet Jackson said she doesn’t have cancer, but she isn’t specifying the illness that interfered with a concert tour.

On her Twitter account on January 6, Jackson posted a two-minute clip from her song The Great Forever, followed by a personal message in which she said she’s recovering but offered no further details. She said her doctors have approved her concerts as scheduled in Europe. “The rumours are untrue. I do not have cancer. I’m recovering,” she posted, an apparent

response to online reports that she was suffering from throat cancer.

Her announcement came less than two weeks after Jackson said she was postponing her ‘Unbreakable’ tour to have an unspecified surgical procedure. She’s scheduled to perform in Europe in March.

Her ‘Unbreakable’ tour has been in the Top 20 global concert tour listing compiled by Pollstar. Jackson is a member of one of pop music’s royal families, sister of the late Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five. Her 1986 album Control made her a music star in her own right, a disc that spawned hits like What Have You Done For Me Lately and Nasty.