Jazz goes cha-cha-cha


The musicians were the same, all right. Still there was no doubt that the festival is graduating with an extra enthusiasm as its drawing closer to its finale.

As electrifying as the overture to the festival had been, the performance at Red Hot Latin Jazz at Hotel Yak and Yeti unfolded yet another impression. It was indeed an irresistible combo of Jazz musicians performing the Latin jazz at a different venue.

Capturing the original nuances of improvisational techniques, the bands David and Carmen, Groove Suppa, Solid! and Cadenza created high-energy sounds of Latin jazz. Particularly, when the bands switched to Salsa, Merengue and Cha-cha-cha and provoked the crowd to hit the dance floor.

Latin Jazz is a general term given to music that combines rhythms from African and Latin American countries with Jazz harmonies from the United States. As percussions often take a centre stage in this music, Binod’s flute compensated for a larger part adding a melodic dash throughout the show.

Mass mesmerised


The enthusiasm for Jazz music seems to be mounting with every passing day of the Jazz festival. No matter what, the sea of people attending the carnival seems billowing ever more. Indeed, there could be no other rationale for the huge mass gathered at the Patan Durbar Square on November 8, who seemed to hail from almost every walk of life. It’s an obvious suggestion that people are relishing every fleeting moment of the festival.

The venue for the free Jazz was perfectly chosen at the Patan Durbar Square and very well matched the theme of this particular show. It was, in fact, a recap of the gigs that amazed the crowd at different previous venues. The only difference, if there was any, was the historic magnificence of the venue. — HNS

Jazz on November 9

Jazz at Patan

Time: 6:30pm onwards

Venue: Patan Museum Square

Ticket:  Rs 999

Jazz at Patan is a unique evening showcasing the fusion of Nepali classical music blended with Jazz amidst the historic surroundings of Patan Museum Square. International musicians bring out their musical ideas and backgrounds with Nepal’s top-notch classical musicians including the premiere jazz band, Cadenza.