Jennifer Aniston still wears Mayer gift

HOLLYWOOD: 'Marley and Me' actress Jennifer Aniston has been spotted wearing the luxury watch her ex-boyfriend John Mayer gave her.

Jennifer Aniston still wears the gold Rolex watch given to her by an ex-boyfriend

The Hollywood beauty has been spotted sporting the luxury timepiece amid rumours she and singer John Mayer have rekindled their romance and are meeting up for secret romantic trysts.

A source said: "John gave Jennifer the Rolex when they were at the height of their romance in May 2008. Jennifer hardly took the watch off, but when they split she stopped wearing it. In recent weeks she's started wearing it again to show John he's still in her thoughts.

"She's even been sending him flirty texts and emails."

The 40-year-old actress and the 31-year-old musician dated for around four months last year. They rekindled their romance earlier this year, but the pair split again in April.

However, their relationship has reportedly warmed up since Jennifer began flirting with him recently.

The source added: "Jennifer's plan is obviously working - John is a keen Rolex collector and Jennifer knows how symbolic the gesture is to him. He's been replying to her with racy pictures and emails.

"It's only a matter of time before they officially announce they're back together."