Jessica Simpson's Bar Drama

LONDON: Jessica Simpson's ''sexy'' dancing reportedly sparked an argument between two men at Los Angeles nightspot Jane's House.

Jessica Simpson reportedly sparked a row between two men at a Los Angeles nightclub.

The singer-and-actress' raunchy dancing at Hollywood nightspot Jane's House reportedly caught the eye of a group of male revellers, but when one got too close to her, a man she was sitting with - who she was supposedly "on a date" with - intervened, causing a furious argument.

An onlooker told website Radar Online: "She was really sexy, she's a great dancer, she really knows how to move her body. A passing group of fraternity-type guys strolled by and started ogling the show.

"One of them seemed pretty wasted, and he put his hands on her waist and tried to pull her into him. Jessica looked uncomfortable until the guy friend she had been flirting from her entourage with stepped in and said, 'Hey, I don't think she wants anyone touching her.' "

According to the eyewitness, things then escalated and Jessica was forced to seek out security to help diffuse the situation.

The source added: "The guy was clearly offended and told Jessica's friend to 'mind his own business'. Jessica looked kind of panicked and she didn't know what to say, so she just sort of wriggled her way back to her seat.

"But now the guys were screaming at each other. There were a lot of expletives flying back and forth. Jessica stood up and peeked her head outside the VIP section. It looked like she was looking for a security guard."

After a security guard arrived on the scene, the row settled down.