Jessica Taylor stuck to hubby after long separation

LONDON: Jessica Taylor and her husband, cricket star Kevin Pietersen, vowed never to spend time apart again after being separated for a heartbreaking 11 weeks.

While Jessica competed in Dancing On Ice earlier this year, Kevin was thousands of miles away playing a Test series in the West Indies. For nearly three months the couple kept in touch via Skype.

“In an ideal world, that would never have happened,” says Jessica. “We’d always be together if we could but we decided to go with it because that’s how things worked out. But we don’t want to do it again.”

Now the stunning Liberty X singer is looking forward to a long, hot summer with her man – even if that does mean watching an awful lot of cricket!

“I’m so excited about this summer,” she says. “I’m going to be at the Ashes pretty much all the time – there are five Tests all over the country right through the summer.

“But I really love it, especially because I want to spend some proper time with Kevin.”

The singer plans to kick back and hang out with her friends, family and South African-born Kevin as much as she can.

“This is the first time in ages I’ve had lots of time to see people,” explains Jessica. “My life has been so full-on and busy for such a long time. I’m unbelievably excited about having a few months to relax and be normal.”

Before the Ashes, Jessica managed to squeeze in a super-sexy modelling assignment for Tesco’s lingerie brand Diamond Boutique. “It’s another string to my bow, I guess, and I really enjoyed it. The pictures look fantastic.”

And she’s very much looking forward to Kevin’s reaction. “I’m excited that Kevin and all my friends and family will get to see them.

“They haven’t seen the pictures yet but they loved the first set I did for Tesco so, fingers crossed, they’ll like these, too.”

Her amazing body is the result of tough training sessions for Dancing On Ice and the regular gym workouts she’s been doing since the show ended. “It was very tough, but halfway through the show everyone was so fit and trim, we loved it,” she says.

“We spent up to four or five hours a day in really hard training. I’m back to my usual routine now, which is less intense.

“I visit the gym two or three times a week – I go on the treadmill, have a swim and do exercises on the Swiss ball. But I’d much rather exercise and eat what I want than starve myself. I absolutely love food.

“My biggest weakness is pizza. I know it’s not good for me and I shouldn’t eat it but I just can’t help myself!”

Jessica is glad life is slowing down – particularly since her days on the road with Liberty X. “Life in the band was hectic. I had seven years where I barely saw anyone,” she says. “I remember one week where we had at least a dozen flights in and out of different cities.

“Of course being able to travel like that was a great experience and we were lucky to go to so many places. But, in reality, we would go to a radio station or TV station and then straight back to another airport lounge.

“I missed a lot of things going on with my friends and family – birthdays, weddings. I felt really guilty about it. I even missed one of my best friend’s hen do’s.

“And after Liberty X finished, it wasn’t that long before I got stuck into Dancing On Ice. So this really is the first time in years I’ve had a proper break to catch up with everyone I love.

“I watched the first Ashes Test in Cardiff with Kevin’s parents who’ve flown over from South Africa, so it’s great to spend some proper time with them.

“Then for the rest of the Ashes, some of my family and a few mates will come with me.”

But the 29-year-old hasn’t turned her back on music. She still writes songs – independently and with former bandmate Kelly Young.

“Kelly and I are determined to get some of our music back out there and on to the radio. We don’t even care who sings them!” says Jessica.

“Kelly’s still an amazing friend and she was there with my mum to support me through Dancing On Ice when Kevin was away. Having them there made such a difference.”