John to project his sporty side


John has decided to re-position his image to a more a fun-loving outdoor and sporty entertainer. After finishing a football flick with director Vivek Agnihotri, John goes into a film on mountain climbing to be directed by Soham Shah.

For Goal, John was trained by the best football choreographer in the world Andy Ansah. John said, “All the international Adidas ads have been done by Andy. To have got him for Goal was like a prized catch. I was working with people like Arshad, Boman and Bipasha whom I love…So it was fun.”

John hopes to re-position his image as an actor. “I want to cultivate a sporty image after Goal. Hence, I’m also doing a mountain climbing film. I’m a trained footballer, I used to play ‘A’ position soccer and I’m a certified mountain climber. I used to play a lot of sports before acting sucked me in. I’m a very outdoor person. And I want that image to come across in my roles. I want people to feel that if it’s John, then it’s something healthy and invigorating. Even No Smoking was a very sporty film.”