Jordan vows not to speak with Peter

LONDON: Jordan, a.k.a. Katie Price, has reportedly said she wants no talking terms with estranged husband Peter Andre

The glamour girl allegedly took the pledge after receiving a text message from her former lover, who allegedly slammed her party girl lifestyle.

The warring duo, who have been locked in a bitted battle of words since they parted ways in May, had until then purportedly kept contact only through lawyers and assistants.

Andre was said to have blasted Jordan, with whom he shares three kids, for “cavorting” with new cage fighter lover Alex Reid, who recently starred in a violent hardcore porn film.

“Katie decided enough was enough and told Peter in no uncertain terms that she does not want to talk to him ever again,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

“She is still hurting after the split despite trying to put a brave face on things. She feels any contact with Pete really sets her back emotionally and told him so.

“It is really sad but she thinks that severing all contact is the way forward,” the source added.

Andre, on the other side, apparently told pals “the feeling is mutual” regarding the minimal contact.

A friend said: “Pete’s priority is the kids and he appreciates there will undoubtedly be some contact between the two of them because of them.

“But he feels that it’s best for both of them that they speak as little as possible – especially for the time being – as everything is still so raw.

“You can’t blame Peter for texting Katie to express his unhappiness with Alex being pictured with the kids.

“He is only human and it really hurt. He doesn’t blame Katie for her response. In fact, he thinks it is good for both of them.”