Aslam bhai ...

Kathmandu: Heard of Aslam Khan? He’s the person featured in Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai’s song “Ke Ma Timro Sathi Banna Sakchu”. Khan also happens to be the proprietor of TAAL Music Company — a leading music company in Nepal. So far, he has been featured in about 11 music videos — including Deepak Bajracharya’s “Ritu” and “Adhyaro Ma Chaunchau Timi” and Dev Narayan Pradhan’s “Kati Kura”. But he has been most appreciated in “Ke Ma...”

According to a close source, “Aslam had a tough time deciding what to wear for this video. And a friend suggested that he cut his hair short and try a different look.” Now that the look has stamped his image, the same source shares that he has been nominated as one of the top contenders among the male models at Nepal’s First Music Video Awards 2061 scheduled to take place on June 12 for the music video — “Ke Ma Timro Sathi Banna Sakchu”. Looks like he’s going far. But Aslam personally feels that the best music video he has been featured in is Uday Sotang’s “Ali Ali Piudai Chu”.

How much does he get for appearing in the videos? According to Aslam, “Nothing. As TAAL invests in the making of the video there is no point in paying myself.” That does make sense. When you stop to think, Aslam has not acted in music videos other than those produced by TAAL. He fends himself, “There are singers who have asked me to model in their videos but I make it a point to hear the song and know who is directing the music video first. If that fails to impress me I wash my hands off the project. Recently I received some offers to act in a few music videos but so far I have not decided anything. I guess I will say yes to them!” See if you can spot him on screen then! — Dipti Sherchan