Kareena gets choosy about her films


Kareena has set high standards for herself after winning the best actress STAR Screen award for Omkara, beating popular choice Kajol in Fanaa.

The award has inspired Kareena to work harder. “Getting my first popular best actress award at the beginning of the year just elates me. I’m now getting the right scripts like Mani Ratnam’s Lajjo.

Now, I want to do only good films. It’s so easy just to be in big projects and get big money. I don’t believe in that. I’ve to have a central part now,” said Kareena.

What about the cameo in Don? “That one song is running in all the night clubs. All the college kids are dancing to it. I’ve one big hit to dance to.”

Kareena says Kajol, who lost the popular award to her, was genuinely happy for her. “By chance Kajol was sitting right next to me when my name was announced. She was so genuinely pleased for me. Kajol along with my sister Karisma have always been my idols. Both have had their share of awards.

Now, it’s my turn. I’ve received critics’ awards.

But this is my first taste of popular awards since Refugee. Omkara has been a great experience for me. People still come to me on flights and the gym to tell me how much they liked me in Omkara.”

“Karisma was there and so was my mom and Shahid (Kapur). They were so happy for me. Shahid was nominated for ‘Vivah’. But he was so happy when I won. I had gone only

to perform. But I came back with an award.”

She says she has tasted blood. “I want to win at every awards function this season.” She got to perform with the legendary Helen.

“It was a great moment. Of course, I knew her from before. I’m a filmy kid, remember? Helen aunty has seen me from my childhood. The Moranis (film financiers and owners of event management company Cineyug) suggested I perform with Helen Aunty. They suggested I drive onto stage in a sports car with the Don music playing. When the sports car came in I could hear everyone from my own fraternity cheering me.

It felt good. Then I danced to my version of Yeh mera dil in Don. After that Helen aunty came in to dance to her own version of Yeh mera dil from the old Don.” Kareena can’t stop raving about Helen.”

She was so gracious. She was wondering why people were comparing her Don with mine .”